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Music Zine Workshop @ the State Library

Paper Cuts Collective co-founder Jeremy Staples is delivering a dedicated music zine workshop as part of Live! Queensland band culture.

Here’s your chance to discover the world of zines and learn how to create your own! A large range of music zines from across the globe and locally will be on hand to inspire your very own mini music zine on the day.

The full Live! QLD band culture program has been released and can be found here.

Workshops for beginners: Music Zines
When:Sun 28 Jul 2013, 10:00 am - 12:00 pmVenue:slq Gallery, level 2, State LibraryCost:$ or 3840 7768More information:07 3840 7768  

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I have just spent this morning delving back into the zine scene. For the first time in about 13 years. I have written a blog post just now and with this as my strength, to send it to you, as my first port in call. If you are able to give me any direction for my hunting heart, I would be most appreciative. Thanking you, Rochelle [Hearts are Hunters] I would love to share the link but you have set for no links or emails here.

Hi Rochelle,

Sorry about the belated reply! Awesome to hear your reconnecting with the zine community! 

You can get in contact with The Paper Cuts Collective on this email:

Also, you may be interested in knowing that we’re also involved with a up-coming festival called ZICS to be held in Brisbane later in the year:

All the best,

Staples + PCC

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ZICS Meet Up

The Zine and Indy Comic Symposium collective have been meeting up since October last year!

What’s ZICS you say???

ZICS is…
- Not for profit community collective
- Community created
- Promote/Support independent comics and zines
- Highlight Queensland/Australian created publications

Being a community created event, we need YOU!

The 3rd 2013 Zine and Indy Comic Symposium meet-up is being held on Wednesday, March 13, @ The Edge (South Bank - Brisbane) from 6:00pm till 8:00pm. Link to FB event

We have decided to make the next meeting more of a social event. So from 6pm to 7pm: Bring along your latest creation, current zine/comic, what you’ve been reading or work in progress! Meet, share and show off!

From 7pm to 8pm: We’ll get back to the regular ZICS business- updates, tasks, website, promo and venue update.

It would be amazing if you could make it along! If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact on: zics.bris @ and our FB page can be found here:

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QLD Indie Mags Need Your SUPPORT!

Who was it again that said “Print is DEAD!” ???

Two of Queensland’s finest arts mags: Blank Canvas & No Cure are on the mission to fund their next issues via crowdfunding. That’s right, you pitch in some pennies to help cover their printing costs and you’ll be rewarded with everything from a simple thank you email, copy of the issue or for the big spenders advertising space! 

They need your support and if they don’t reach their target they won’t receive a cent.

Support local indie mags!

Blank Canvas Magazine -


No Cure Magazine -


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QLD vs NZ zine trade – the reviews! Part 2

Many months have gone by and 2013 has shown it’s face! But as they say “Better late than never”. Thanks toSarah, Paper Cuts Collective member and former Transit Lounge Caboolture creative has sent through the final installment to the QLD vs NZ zine trade reviews that the Paper Cuts Collective organised with the Auckland Zinefest gang.


Permanent Vacation: A zine about this thrilling world we live in:

I really loved this zine, it’s chocka block of zine goodness. The ads in the inside of the cover are hilarious, the articles are all great to read (I’m enjoying the one by Emma Allen at the moment called 3 out of 4 ain’t bad, post cards which explain why staying at home is much better and cool collages and art work. It’s pretty much what a zine should contain - interesting and well written articles, art that’s a bit out of the box and it’s about stuff you don’t see in a mass produced publication (but rather pokes a bit of fun at those kinds of things). The lay out of it is really styling too and it’s got a glossy paper so makes you feel a bit posh while you read. PLUS IS COMES WITH A FREE MAGIC EYE BALL. If you’re after a zine which will take you a while to read through this is a good one. I’ve been reading it all week and I am still finding awesome things.


The Nightmare by Sadie Galloway

I love zines made by kidlets (my word for children) as I think stories told through pictures are the bomb, especially when they have witches, dogs called fish guts and a spell book being eaten. YAY to SADIE :)

Don’t be Sad
by thisrabbit (

This has to be the funniest zine I have ever read, everything about this zine made me giggle and show everyone around me how funny it was. It includes zombies, crying clouds, a tense scene between Scott and Soup (yes an actual bowl of soup). Read it.

The Vomits

Mostly collage / visual stuff it’s a quick read but fun to look at.


Health, Wealth and Happiness (

This is a another collage zine made out of found objects which have been run through the photocopier along with some short story / poem things. It’s a bit like reading through some ones visual art journal, some of it makes no sense to me but was interesting to look at and figure out what images / objects where.


Post a note in the box

with a … Funny thought, an intriguing dream or a secret you could share.

It’s a great concept but it’s the same notes photocopied a few times over and over so is a bit boring. Would be nice to see the project on a larger scale and get a few more notes included.

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QLD vs NZ zine trade – the reviews! Part 1

Do you remember the zine QLD vs NZ zine trade that the Paper Cuts Collective organised with the Auckland Zinefest gang? If not, check it out here.

Months have gone by and the Kiwis totally smashed us, well they did with getting our zines reviewed and online. (Who am I kidding, I have no idea/interest in our sporting rivalry). Tessa and the Auckland Zinefest crew got our QLD zine reviews online weeks possibly months ago. You can check them out here.

Thanks to Sarah, Paper Cuts Collective member and former Transit Lounge Caboolture creative oraganised all the NZ zines reviewed, scanned and typed up with help from other Paper Cuts friends.

Check out part 1 below…

Staples - Paper Cuts Collective

Staples from Paper Cuts Collective.

Tessa from Auckland Zinefest.

This is a bus

I love travel zines. Hearing about some ones adventures and reflections on life and their surrounds is a great escape. This is a bus contains short snippets of bus travel tales from in and around Auckland, photocopies of bus tickets, map of “places I go on buses” and my personal highlight, “Things I like and dislike about buses. I wish it were longer and went more into detail about their bus travels. If you’re chasing copies or have questions about catching buses in NZ why not hit up

- Staples

Presence #10 

Presence is a total pleasure to read and view. Simple but beautiful, it gave me a great insight into cultural going ons throughout NZ. Plus it’s free, you can’t go wrong! Think Vice meets a street zine without with out all the bullshit ads! Issue 10 is jam packed with interviews and art. Ranging from an interview with Zowie (you may know her as Bionic Pixie) to stand-up comic Guy Williams. For more info and where you can get yourself a copy check out

- Staples

The terrorist at the end of this book

Looking down at the bundle of zines I was immediately drawn towards the bright yellow zine with the title screaming “The terrorist at the end of this book”, curiosity got this cat by the tale.

The first page did not hinder my assumptions of forthcoming tales of peoples terrible experiences of terrorism however this dramatically changed after continuing to read. Sesame street character Grover begged and pleaded not to turn the page, with detailed drawings of walls attempting to stop the read from reaching the end. The zine was quite humorous, but the end had to be met, although Grover will not be happy it was quite worth it.

- Danni

All message play back – Lucy Meyle

This zine was a first for me, near to what they call an artist book, the images were quite diverse and interesting. With a story line of a young woman listening back to her voice mails, even a message from a video store, damn my DVD is late! With fancy paper engineering inside and some extra beautiful images. This zine was quite intriguing that I enjoyed reading and taking in the art. Though I must add the wrapping made me guilty as I unwrapped it as I didn’t want to wreck this piece of art!

- Danni

The honey poison by Esther Monnie Galloway

Not many 5 year olds can say they’ve written a zine, but Esther can, the story is about a princess and her father. And the evil plot of a witch who is jealous of the princess’s beauty. It’s a cute little story which I might add has no spelling mistakes. Gold star to Esther. 

- Sarah

RePublication 1 & 2 

These little zines sure are fancy, they are A5 sized and full color with a nice paper stock. The design is really smhick too. There are some interesting articles and it makes a quick read, however it’s also got lots of adds in it which so I’m never quite sure if the article I’m reading is an advertisement in disguise. 

- Sarah

Incredibly hot sex with hideous people #43 

This zine has extracts and newspaper stories from the writer’s life as just out of high school now to live my life but I’m broke age. It was a lot of fun to read and had some pretty hilarious moments such as the writer’s hatred of their job and the ejection molder that they had to work with. I love how the writer recounts their daily life, one entry may be about losing their virginity and the next is about eating crumpets.

- Sarah

10 22 38 Astoria

Astoria is about the history using xerox machines. It is made from cut out exerts and more abstract ways of using the tech, like doubling up the photocopy, pulling out photocopies half way through the copy, using scrunched up paper and  like. This seems to be more about ways to use medium than content. It is quite well thought out in its simplicity, but due to the lack of reading / written content, it really is just quick flick though.

- Adam

Exercises in futility Summer 2011/2012

As I started guessing from the name, it is rather bleak. It starts off with a little poems then flows from abstract imagery to poems then back to some more imagery. It slowly gets progressively more dark and disenchanted and ends with on the last page with “nothing matters”. This seems like a person venting out their worries and what is troubling them in a very personal way. I like the design and the content and really enjoy the look into someone’s psyche. My favourite quote in the zine is “everyone comes into the world without their consent” it sums up the feeling of the zine to a tee.

- Adam

Pre/post rapture:

This zine has a great aesthetic, its size is A3 folded in half and looks great next to smaller zines. It is a collection of contributor’s art, the visual, the written and sometimes a combination of both. It has some great content, but there is a slight lack of direction. It could be because of the name as half of the content was about rapture and the other was other half was very vague, but as a whole it was enjoyable. It has a well thought out design, some really great art and some well written stories.

- Adam

Stay tuned for part 2!

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Zine and Indy Comic Symposium

Since the 1st Paper Cuts launch and zine fair, people have been screaming out for more!

Terry from Claytons Comics approached the Paper Cuts Collective about doing another major event and within a week, the Zine and Indy Comic Symposium was born!

ZICS is a 2 day celebration of the zine and comic mediums. It’s a gathering to meet with other fans and creators from the local and interstate scenes. Planned for 2013 in Brisbane QLD Australia.

It would be too easy for the Paper Cuts Collective and Terry to go off and start planning but they want to make this a real community gathering. So they want to hear from YOU about what you’d like to see and do at ZICS.

Zine and Indy Comic Symposium meet-up event is set to take place at the beautiful Bleeding Heart on Thursday 18 October from 6pm.

ZICS is born from a desire to promote a stronger fan base and community for independent and underground zines and comics. Because of that, PCC and Terry want to hear from the community on what kind of event you want to see, what they are planning, what they are getting right, what they are getting wrong or what we should add to the program.

The meeting will allow everyone a chance to check out Bleeding Heart and after 7pm, we can move elsewhere to continue sharing ideas, drinks and creative projects for the first and annual ZICS.

Hope you can make it along and if you can’t, feel free to post your ideas and thoughts on the event page on FB or email either:

Terry: terryclayton79 at
Staples: at

Zine and Indy Comic Symposium
Meet-up event

Bleeding Heart

166 Ann Street
, Brisbane,Queensland,Australia
Thursday, October 18, 2012 
6pm - 7pm

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Good question heading! Well the answer is stupidly simple; the new, and improved Microcosm Distribution of course! They have split from the publishing arm of the business and are now focusing on just selling zines from all corners of the globe. Please help them out, learn something new and support zine creators by paying them a visit today.

There website is:

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Güt & Böse - Zine Launch, Art & Mouldy Lovers.

Brisbane creator and Troublemaker Georg Whelan is launching a new zine and having one hell of a send-off this coming Sunday the 16th at the Hardgrave Rd Laundrette!        

Georg is launching a new zine as well as selling works, all framed and super cheap. Part farewell party, part fundraiser for a space that he’s opening in Cambodia the following week.   

If this isn’t enough, West End’s finest folk gypsies, Mouldy Lovers will be providing some tunes.

Come buy a zine, have a drink and help Georg fight the good fight!

Sunday, September 16
Laundrette Hardgrave Rd (74 hardgrave rd, west end)

FB Event Page

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Passremaker On Songwriting ZINE Launch

When: Friday, 7 September 2012, 6pm

Where: next to GoMA in big red tent on the grass

Passremaker On Songwriting … with the Pineapple Lounge at the Brisbane Writers Festival. 

This Passremarker zine was made in conjunction with the Pineapple Lounge for the Brisbane Writers Festival. It features interviews, lyrics, and photos of all the songwriters performing at the Pineapple Lounge during the festival. Included are Dave Graney, Pete Hunt, Laneous, Ofa, and The Twoks.

Program begins at 4:30pm with Ofa Fanaika, the Vanuatu Singers, 6:00pm Zine launch… and then Yarn, Murray Johnstone, Le 

Le, and The Twoks.

The Pineapple Lounge will be next to GoMA in big red tent on the grass.

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Pressure Cooker Zine June 30th

Like a creative challenge? Come along to the Pressure Cooker Zine project run by TLC.

Where: The Caboolture Hub Studio, Lower ground level. 4 Hasking St Caboolture.
When: Saturday June 30th.
Time:  10am – 3 pm (with a break for lunch)

We will be creating a collaborative zine from scratch and then printing it in under 5 hours!! If you are a writer, poet, artist or enjoy a creative challenge then come along. Bookings required (as we need to know numbers so we can feed you delicious food). Contact us or book online. It’s FREE to attend and you will get some copies of the zine to take home with you.

Bring along something you’ve been working on or make something from scratch. Meet other creative peeps, learn how to make a zine and get some new arty hints and tips from zinesters, writers and visual artists.

Drop in for a while or stay the whole day.

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The Australian Cultural Library Opening

photo stolen from The Chronicle:Chris Calcino

Musician, zine supporter and Paper Cuts friend, Steve Towson has added a new and unexpected skill to his resume.

On the 19th May, Steve will be opening a library in Toowoomba completely dedicated to Australian Culture.

The Australian Cultural Library is an independent reference-only library that aims to gather and preserve as much of Australia’s culture as humanly possible.

19th of May sets to be a great start for the library with musicians Connor Argus, Sue Ray,  Un Dia Antes, and Ethelred offering their support to kick of the library to a great start.

Doors for the opening open at 6pm. $10 entry, all money goes to paying rent and supporting the musicians performing.

The library collects cultural items created by people who:

1 - Were born in Australia (e.g. Frank Bourke);

2 - Migrated to Australia (e.g. Billy Thorpe); or

3 - Were directly connected to Australian culture (e.g. Burl Ives)

YES, the Library would love a copy of your zine if you meet the above.

The Australian Cultural Library is NOT government- or corporate-funded. It aims to be independent and the collection houses a wide range of items including books, CDs, cassettes, vinyl, DVDs, film, posters, t-shirts and paintings; from the well-known to the rare and virtually unknown.

Currently, the collection is located at 4/203 Margaret St, Toowoomba 4350 Australia and open to the public on Wednesdays, 12 noon to 8pm.

Donations of stock for the collection or towards running costs are welcome.

Steve who grew up in Flagstone Creek near Toowoomba has been performing music throughout Australia and Asia for the last 15 years, touring national and international bands to Toowoomba to help support local artists.

All information please contact :

Steve Towson

Mobile - 0438737917

Email - info AT

Postal – Po Box 5 Rosewood QLD 4340